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Welcome to News, Updates, and Events! Learn about the latest events, clinics, and opportunities that Galaxy has to offer. 




In July 2020, Galaxy Gymnastics & Fitness came under new ownership and management.  We are extremely pleased to welcome Amanda and Dennis to the Galaxy team and look forward to enhanced communication with our families and enthusiasm throughout our programs.

New Recreational Classes

Galaxy Gymnastics & Fitness

We have changed our recreational program to provide your son or daughter with more specific coaching for their age and level.

Here at Galaxy we think that every child should have equal opportunity to learn and try new things, which is why we are now offering more ways to train your level with other kids working on the same thing.  That way, the coach is able to devote more time to drills and stations that will aid your child specifically. 


In addition to the added recreational classes, we are now offering a pre-competitive group for those athletes working on CanGym levels 6 and up.  Try-outs for the Pre-Competitive group will be held at the end of every session and provide potential athletes with a chance to show off all their level 5 skills to one of our competitive coaches!

We are also now offering skill clinics throughout the session.  These skill clinics are 45-minute classes that focus specifically on all the helpful drills to achieve some of the hardest skills throughout the CanGym level system. 


This will provide athletes with a chance to get extra practice on these difficult skills, improve their confidence, and provide them with helpful tips on successful skill mastery.  Some clinics are offered for all levels although some of the more difficult skills are limited to those athletes who have already passed level 3 of CanGym.  You do not need to be a current member to enroll in these clinics. Click below for more information.



Tumbling and Advanced Tumbling

We are also adding another type of class: Tumbling and Advanced Tumbling!  We are so excited to offer a class that focuses only on the tumbling skills from the CanGym level system as well as creating a foundation for our competitive classes.  Children in this class will spend more time working on the floor and the Tumbl Trak trampoline to master these skills.

Classes &


Recreational Classes

Discover what class is right for your child!  No experience required!  Recreational gymnastics is all about trying new things and having fun!

Competitive Programs

Competitive gymnastics is for those who are looking for more of a challenge and are ready to commit more time to the sport.

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